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Award-winning author Michele Corriel lives and works in the scenic Gallatin Valley of Montana, surrounded by seven mountain ranges.  Her work is as varied as the life she's led, from the rock and art venues of New York City, to the rural back roads of the Rockies. Her research on the artistic history of Montana led her to earn a Doctorate in American Art and a Master's Degree in Art History.

Michele, author of five books, is also a prolific freelance magazine writer, with articles published regionally, nationally, and internationally. She is recipient of several awards for her non-fiction as well as her poetry. She teaches at Montana State University, presents writing workshops, and speaks on panels across the country.

As an art consultant, Michele works with artists on a personal level, helping them to communicate with viewers and collectors.  As an art curator, she views the artwork through the lens of history as well as contemporary culture.

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